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Welcome to Fill Your Tree!

Where ordinary (and extraordinary) people are making 
€3200 again and again. And again.

Buy your position (€419,-), and get 2 friends to join.
When they each get 2 who also get 2, you get €3200.
Click button under the video for more details.

​​​"What an easy way to earn extra money! Even if I would have to find all 14 people,
I'd still earn an average of €200 per person I find." 

​- Jonas, first person to fill a tree                                         

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How is it possible?

Where does all this money come from?

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Is filling my tree difficult?

Let us answer some of the most common questions.

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Advanced strategies

Is €3200 not enough for you?
Then you will love the strategies that give you more. A lot more.

How many people have filled their trees so far?

Here you can see how many times a tree has been filled since the beginning. Refresh the page (F5) to see it update in real time.

(Not yet implemented, coming soon!)